Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Accidental Joiner

I was hoping that the most eventful happening of the day would have been my boss causing me to suffer bloggus interruptus. It was during my lunch hour but there was no way he could be sure as he wasn't there when the hour started. And I was in the middle of a really good reply to CyberScribe's spooky comment about Cully pubs. How does he know? Where is Greyabbey anyway? Oh Bert's just told me it's in County Down. So the muse deserted me and that's why my eventual reply was so lame Cybe ol' boy.

So that's my quota of italicised words used up for this post and from now on I will have to manage without them.

On returning home I decided to go and inspect the work going on in the new house. I was especially interested in seeing how the kitchen tiles looked and also wanted to see the flight of stairs leading to the attic floor. Seamus the joiner started on them yesterday and they were pretty much finished. There is a little health & safety type issue at the very top which I wanted to take a look at so I asked Seamus if they were safe to step upon. He gave the go ahead and I had my foot on the bottom step when James the electrician nabbed me with a query about the lights I headed downstairs to the room where Matthew was tiling. Matthew says,

"Where's Bert?"
"Down the road. What's up?"
"We've a bit of a problem here."
"Oh! What's wrong?"
"Bert's tin whistle has fallen into this bucket of tile cement."

We were just coming to terms with this disaster when the joiner's apprentice came in. He says,

"Where's Bert?"
"Down the road. What's up?"
"Seamus has cut himself with the electric saw."

And so he had. Apparently it had stuck and he was trying to dislodge it when it had jumped back and gouged a lump out of his knee. Both Matthew and James were urging me to take him to the local GP surgery. Feck's sake! These lads must think Dr Finlay practises in Cully. I said no for the first thing the local GP would say is, "you'll need to go to casualty with that" so that's what we did. Seamus was very stoical about the whole episode and says he'll be back at work tomorrow. They breed real men in Dunloy.

By the way that policeman is still reading my blog. He phoned me yesterday in his professional capacity and before he rang off he said, "Are you still off the drink?"


Lost Identity said...

It's coming along! Hurray! Sorry to hear about the whistle and knee. Seems theres always something lost when something is gained.

Nelly said...

I didn't lose anything except free time when I took Seamus to the hospital.

Lost Identity said...

Ahh. But Seamus lost part of his knee!

Nelly said...

Most men called Seamus in Norn Iron have knee problems.

Reasons being -

Too much time on hard chapel kneeling boards.

Overwork on the farm.

The damp Irish weather.

Gaelic injuries.

Occasionally kneecappings although it's rarely self-inflicted like Seamus the joiner.

My own Da was a Seamus and he hadn't a knee to stand on due to overwork on the farm and the damp.

Anonymous said...

Poor Seamus, hope his knee isn't too sore. And as for Bert's whistle, sure he's got about 16 others lying around the poly tunnels, the house, the boys room and even in his van. But why did he have one at the new house. Has he been peeping tunes at the boys while they work? oh, and i just want to add that yr making me thoroughly jealous with all this chat about parties. And while others are put off by the fact that yr advertising it as upmarket and sophisticated I am not cos i know full well that it will be as wild and uncivilised as they normally are, especially if the wee manny is invited. Which is maybe not a good idea if Mikeyboys there considering the terrible flirting the wee did with him last july the 12th.


Nelly said...

I think Bert was peeping tunes at the boys while they worked. I know that Matthew the tiler was whistling as well as Seamus told me so on the drive to the hospital. Matthew plays something as well but I forget what it is - maybe the bagpipes? Have to ask Bert.

Good point about the Wee. He did flirt a lot with Mikey that time although I remember Mikey took it in his stride. That was the year I got the picture of him sitting beside Mel and showing off his orange bod. And it was really Mikey he was trying to impress with his physique.

CyberScribe said...

"spooky comment about Cully pubs"? It must be I'm living to close to a graveyard here in Greba thats affected me.It's all the owls and the crows, thankfully they've dismantled the gallows. :-)

CyberScribe said...
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Nelly said...

I hope I have explained in a previous post my thoughts on CyberScribe knowing about Cully pubs and here's me never even heard of Greba! But I intend to remedy that.

Update on the Wee. He called round this morning and I mentioned Mikey was coming. We had this conversation.

"Do I know this Mikey guy?"
"You should. You chatted him up in here one night. Big style."
"Oh. Is he gay?"
"Not as gay as you."

I'll get that man trailt out of the *wardrobe* yet.

Note to Mrs The Wee Manny. Only codding.

EveMaryBD said...


Don't have a comment directly relating to your post but I am new to blogging, living in with a real man in Dunloy [I am from the Fair City down south - you know the place where the "girls are so pretty"] and working in Support [but I.T. Support]. This is the first post I have ever put on a blog site [if that is even the right term!].

Nelly said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. Dunloy? You get a great view up there. Bit windswept isn't it. Too near Ballymoney for my liking.

EveMaryBD said...

Scarily close to Ballymoney. Been here 4 years and still pronouncing the "y" in Bally which seems to cause "afrontery" (another term I am not used to).

I must be living in the less windswept part of Dunloy....any way doesn't windswept usually go together with the word interesting?

Nelly said...

I don't know whether Dunloy is interesting or not. This I do know - Seamus the joiner said he would not, under any circumstances whatever, drink in the village pub.