Sunday, August 28, 2005

And Still She Wished For Solitude

Earlier this evening in Gillie's Bar

The Attraction of Opposites

I am the eldest of seven children. I love peace and solitude. I dislike prolonged periods of having too many people around.

Bert is an only child. He's a sociable being. He loves company and a bit of a stir.

I like company too but I like it to be mixed in with plenty of quiet time. Too much company sets my teeth on edge.

The Perfect Guest

We have just left Mikey to the airport for his Edinburgh flight. He has been a lovely houseguest. He is amenable, easy-going, interesting, undemanding and he has the sweetest manners. So this might seem a funny time to be writing about my love of solitude. Rest assured Mikey that this outpouring has nothing at all to do with you.

It has been a good weekend. We were quiet on Thursday, we had the buffet supper on Friday and last night we had the Banjo Master class. Which I did not enjoy. I'll return to my feelings about that. Today my sister and I went for a walk while Mikey and Bert went to Gillie's Bar to see Banjo Man and the fellows. Then Bert and I left Mikey to the airport.

The Last Straw

Now to provide a bit of a back-story. Next weekend is the annual Omagh Bluegrass Festival (stifles yawn) and practically everyone we know goes to it. But this year I'll be working five days from Friday and will not be going. Bert is planning to drive Mrs Banjo and the kids to Omagh. Banjo Man and the fellows, including Ian, are playing in the park and will be travelling separately. The plan was that after driving Mrs Banjo and the young Banjos back they'd stay at our house. It'd be a squeeze because we're a bed down since the last bonfire but it's just for one night so hey ho....

Then on the way back from the airport Bert told me that Mandolin Man is staying too and I have become enraged. Now I do like Mandolin Man a lot. He is a sweet guy. But where's he going to sleep and do I really want three adults and three children staying when all I've got is one spare single bed and two sofas ? Do I want to get up on a work day to a madhouse with people sleeping everywhere and nowhere to chill until it's time to go to work? I don't.

I was in a rip last night about this sort of stuff. Because Banjo Man was painting at our new house Ploppy Pants arranged that BM would give a Banjo Master class in our house. Nobody asked me if this was OK. I tried to be fine about it but as the evening progressed I started to feel more and more annoyed about it. I stomped off to bed at 11pm giving out ominous warnings about keeping the noise down.


Bert is cross with me because he thinks I am very unsociable. I think he might be scared that I'll drive everyone away and then we'll have no friends. I'm pondering burning the spare bed. Is there a happy medium? Is sobriety affecting me adversely or do I drink to cope with the hordes of people that hang out in Nelly's Garden?


Anonymous said...

What can i say Nelly? I've had the best few days i could imagine, both you and Bert have been very kind in sharing your home and social circle with me (an extended thankyou to the numerous other people who made the weekend fun)! it was just what i needed and, despite your abstinence from any alcohol, you were both fantastic hosts- if ever i can repay the favour. thanks again,

Nelly said...

No worries Mikey. As I said we enjoyed having you.

But I'm still in a tizz about next weekend's Antrim invasion. What to do?

Burn the bed? Bite the bullet? Book myself into a B&B?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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