Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Birthday Girl

Zoe has always enjoyed a bit of birthday cake.

Now that she's a (little bit) older she's pretty good at baking them too.

Have yourself a wonderful birthday Zoe.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Zoe!
mikeyboy x

CyberScribe said...

Is this a "weatherwatcher pic" like the ones on UTV,where I try to guess what age they are?
Hope you had a happy one Zoe :-)

ed said...

Where's Frank Mitchell when we need him? Take care, be good, bye-bye

Nelly said...

You could always count the candles - or is the picture too blurry?

I've been out birthday present shopping for her this morning. Always difficult as she has such exquisite taste.

And enough red hats already.

Zoe said...

Ta folks.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday Zoe, I left your card and gift with your Granny. xxxxx jean

Nelly said...

And I delivered it a few hours ago Jean. The birthday girl is in a great mood and even allowed Paddy Dog to lie on hr sofa.