Wednesday, August 03, 2005

More Pain

Pregnant Lassie: You'll never guess what happened last night.
Sympathetic Person: What happened?
Pregnant Lassie: I walked in on my boyfriend and you'll never guess what he was doing?
Sympathetic Person: What was he doing?
Pregnant Lassie: He was with another girl!
Sympathetic Person: Oh dear.
Pregnant Lassie: You'll never guess what he said.
Sympathetic Person: What did he say?
Pregnant Lassie: He said, "Go away. I'm enjoying myself."
Sympathetic Person. Oh dear.


mquest said...

Thats a screwed up story. I one knew a guy that was able to complete the task with another women as girlfriend kicked and punched him after walking in on them.

Nelly said...

Their story can only get more screwed up as both are still under 20.

Anonymous said...

You don't think that everything wrong with the relationship will be fixed by the arrival of the kid, then? Nelly, you're far too cynical.


Nelly said...

Listen up skitter - 20 years of age, not 20 stone.

Bliss said...

Yeesh - I can see how that situation would be . . . problematic. :/

Lost Identity said...

It sounds like a reality show!

Nelly said...

It sort of is a reality show.