Sunday, August 14, 2005

Not Another Sleepless Night

I've something on my mind. I've been keeping it at bay for most of the day but my shift is over now and it's time to turn in. I hardly ever sleep well at work and have been dreading another sleepless night.

There may be one person reading this who knows what is keeping me awake and for the sake of this person I cannot share. I wish I could.

But.... and this is the good part. I've just phoned Bert and he has been so reassuring, so sensible that I think I will sleep tonight. At least I won't have to listen to Harry de Cat playing tag with the dogs up and down the stairs at 3am. So nighty-night all!


Lost Identity said...

I hope that you sleep well. I know what it's like to lay awake in bed, and it makes for a rough day when the sun comes up. Hope your secret news is good news.

Nelly said...

It's just after 7am here and I've just got up. I slept and boy did I dream. But I slept.

daviduu60pwgribbel said...
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Hageltoast said...

I hope you sleep/slept well, wanted to say again how much i enjoy your blog!!

Nelly said...

Thanx Toast. Appreciate it.

Bollix Spam, do not appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Here, there is only room for one type of toast here.

Though, pink, 27, female, I guess I would vote for hagel.

Dear God, that sounds worse than even I intended. Me no perv. Honest. No, wait, come back...

Stray Toaster said...


Stupid beer. Stupid fingers. That last comment was me.

Nelly said...

To Numero Uno ToastMan - Are you missing Valerie then? Beer? On a Monday? Disgrashefulsh! Hic.

Stray Toaster said...

Well, I generally have beer every night, but what with no work until Valerie comes back (yes, I miss her like crazy, my girl) the quotient is upped.

Also, I passed 'Britain's biggest beer shop' (so it says) on the way back from the top of Norwichshire.

clinkclink goes the boot of the car.

Still, a few bottles a night doesn't come close to the student-esque amounts of empties you had on display. :P

Nelly said...

Aah but I was nearly an alcoholic.

Nelly said...

Oh.. and I forgot I'm in the process of loading up some party pix on Flickr. There will be drink everywhere... and worse.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm not the only one loading up on ye olde alcoholic beverages on a monday night! And student-esque collections of bottles are clearly the look for 2005.


Nelly said...

Well this is what I did. (Pause to polish halo) Took a 3.7 mile hike and ate a healthy supper and had an early night.

I was up again at 5.30am eating a healthy breakfast and afterwards returned to bed and um, well, I've just got up there now and I expect you two lushers have been at your desks for hours now.

ed said...

Wot I did last night:
*polish halo*
1 mile on treadmill;
1.5 miles on cross trainer;
5 mile on exercise bike;
1/2 hour in weight room;

*/remove halo*
many, many, many pints;
pass out

And I've been sat at my desk since 8.20 suffering for it.

Stray Toaster said...

Desk? Ha! We have been fishing, home for a bite to eat and back out to sit on the banks of the slow winding river, listening to the hummingsbirds, watching the kingfishers and releasing the tench we catch.

Nelly said...

Firstly - Ed so glad to hear that you've started taking care of yourself. Don't worry about the pints too much. You're young.

Secondly - Marc sometimes I think you try to make the rest of us jealous. But it does sound like a lovely, lovely day.

Thirdly - I have spent the day Helping the Aged, sitting in dull, dull solicitor's office and outside dull, dull health centre while the Aged presented the doc with yet another Ache & Pain. Then back to the homeplace where the Aged berated me for overwatering her plants. Little wonder I found myself gazing longingly at the several off-licences I passed on the way home. Still when the Aged was out of the car I was able to dispense with the low murmur of Radio 4 and play the Raveonettes (v. loud) which helped. And for that thank you ToasterMan.