Saturday, August 20, 2005

Progress Report August 2005

And what of the new house?

Well....we ought to be living there by now but you know Nellybert. We're the tomorrow people.

The electrics are close to finishing. Thanks James.

The plumbing has to be completed. My baths and toilets are all sitting there waiting to be installed. Come on Eric.

The general building work, plastering and joinery is 99% completed. Three cheers for Jackson, Seamus and the rest of the fellows.

Matthew is progressing well with the floor tiling.

Marty and Minty are doing a fabulous job of the painting.

Jimmy says the kitchen will be ready next week.

Maybe I ought to make a start on the packing.

There's just one rather big snag. The current abode is back on the market.


Anonymous said...

Really!! So how come? Or are you not going into details? all this house selling buisness seems very complicated. just hope its not stressing you all out xx


Nelly said...

It is complicated. I was very stressed about it (last week's anxiety) but now that it has happened I think I can handle it. So we now have two homes and no money. Sob!

Stray Toaster said...

Ah, bollix to that. I know how much of a nightmare that makes. Grrr. Maybe houses should follow the same rule as cars, and never sell them to people you know?

I hope it doesn't sour things betwixt you and them. If it does, then I am willing to help with the limb-breakage. (A frustration release for when our house fell through.)

Nelly said...

As Hannah said house selling is a very complicated business. FYI Bert is sitting in the kitchen right now selling this property to someone else we know. We'll never learn. Pray for us.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your current house selling - I think your house is pretty and if I wanted to live in Norn Iron I would love to reside there!
Mel. x x x xx

Nelly said...

Sweet of you to say so Mel. Even tho' the house is Hair Hall/Poo Palace up Lepping Lane off Rank Road.

So when do your horrid slave-driving bosses let you have a holiday? I suppose it will be some time in 2007?

Lost Identity said...

I'm sorry your sale fell through. It is dissapointing and stressful.

Nelly said...

Here are my two current favourite sayings -

What can't be cured must be endured.


What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

The new potential buyer says he'll concrete over the garden. He likes things to be "protestant looking".

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of trying to take a holiday to coincide with your house warming but if thats too tough maybe sometime in october. I think that seems like a good time to return. Also will be back at Christmas. x x x xx xx Mel. xx

Nelly said...

I'm thinking of taking some holidays in October too. Coincidence or what!

ed said...

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Explain polio....

Even tho' the house is Hair Hall/Poo Palace up Lepping Lane off Rank Road.

Nelly, are you sure that there's not some subconscious thing going on here? You're not exactly giving it the hard sell, are you? :)

Nelly said...

OK I give up - I can't explain polio.

And as for your second point - I thought it was something technical you read at uni. What's with the psychology then?

Here's a bit of an explanation around how I feel about selling the house. There is some sentimental type reluctance there as it was our first place. And we built it on land that Bert's father gave him.

But it is plain and it is shabby and sometimes it is dirty. (Dogs y'know and Bert and the Banjos etc.) Yet everyone seems to love it. I cannot explain why the original deal fell through as I'm not entirely certain why it did and to speculate on this blog would betray confidences.

When the deal fell through there where two more buyers waiting in the wings. One of whom has not yet been informed. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will go this time even though the PB is planning to turn Nelly's Garden into a Cement Garden.

What I can't understand is why so many people want it. Do they know something we don't? Maybe Nelly's Garden is floating on oil. Hah! Don't tell Dubya.