Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Regrets, I Have A Few

Right now I cannot write about some of the things that are on my mind. Why? Because some of the things that are on my mind concern some of my known readers. So there you go. That'll get yez wondering guys. Clue for the rest of you - they are non-bloggers.

So here's some stuff that I can write about. Television. I rarely watch it but since I stopped drinking (five dry nights now and counting) I've been watching a bit more.

Hiroshima It was incredibly good although harrowing. Hiroshima has always affected me The first time I ever felt dread and terror was during the Cuban Crisis when I truly believed that we would not survive. Since then I have had a horror of and fascination for the effects of nuclear war. I don't feel that so much now. I suppose we get used to the fear of terror. What was incredible about Hiroshima was the scale of it all. But even when the fatalities are in tens rather than tens of thousands terror is still terror for those in the midst of it. Paul Tibbets, the pilot of the Enola Gay, came across as hard-hearted as he was hard headed. I was not convinced by the argument, put across by Mr Tibbets now and the American administration then , that the bombs were justified.

Coast As recommended by Ed. Very pretty to look at and a nice treat after the horrors of the atomic bomb.
The most interesting part for me was when they looked at and discussed the defaced monument put up in memory of Lady Londonderry. Well I remember my late Uncle Vincent taking us out in the car and stopping at the (then) intact and undefaced monument and giving us a political lecture about the perfidy of the English and their heinous behaviour towards the Irish. Being an apolitical and simple minded child I came away from this convinced that Lady Londonderry was a very evil woman.

Big Brother A parcel of shite since Derek left. Still I was pleased to see Eugene snaffle the 50 grand.

Lost Awesome. I'm a sucker for aeroplanes breaking up in mid-air. That bit where the guy got sucked into the engine - I wish I'd been recording it so I could watch it again. I'm going to love this. The guy who used to be in the Republican Guard. Very nice touch. And he is gorgeous.

Apart from watching TV and not drinking? I've been walking.


Anonymous said...

Aww man-i missed Lost, was at work. Mel said she'd tape it for me, we'll see. hope your alright nelly, i'll probably give you a wee call so0metime soon.
mikey x

Nelly said...

Aye - it's not long 'til your visit now. You'll meet Matty then.