Saturday, August 20, 2005

Trevor, It's Time For Your Close-Up

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This evening Bert, Clint, Rosie and I went to visit with Dee Mac and to see her new garden. A visit to Dee Mac's is always an interesting experience. It starts with a trip down the worst lane in County Antrim. There are just the two houses on the lane - Harold's and Dee's. It's a straight and manicured lane until Harold's then it turns into the scary lane from Hades. It is both overgrown and extremely narrow. There are two right angle turns which are almost impossible to negotiate in a large vehicle. Then there are the booby traps Harold sets. Like iron spikes in the hedges. Why? Dee thinks he does it for his twisted entertainment purposes. People are strange.

You know you are in the right place when you see the sign VISITORS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Oh I wish, I really wish Bert would let me do that. Then there is the BEWARE OF THE GOATS sign. There are no goats.

It's no surprise that Dee has a lot of climbers growing. After all she works in a climber nursery. She has all Bert's varieties of parthenocissus growing up the outside walls of her house. The Veitchii is the most attractive but also, she says, the slowest growing. She grows myriad varieties of honeysuckle, clematis and other climbers on sheds, walls, hedges and fences. If she keeps this up the whole property is going to become buried in climbing plants. I think she might like that.

Dee has treated herself to a live turkey this past couple of Christmases. Then she keeps them as pets. She recommends turkeys and says they're 'great entertainment'. She also has a few hens, some ducks and a couple of drakes. Dee advises me never to keep drakes. I see what she means for I watched them tonight and it was not pleasant. If I were a duck I'd want to live in a duck nunnery. Drakes don't take no for an answer and their seduction skills suck. Frankly they're rapists and gangbangers.

I won't be posting tomorrow as I'm driving Matty to Leitrim to see Dede and Dmitri.


Lost Identity said...

Geese aren't too pleasant either. My mother in law had a pair a few years back. They attacked visitors. She finally set them free at a lake. I was very happy as I was tired of being chased by them.

A pet Turkey? I wonder if monkeygirl would go for that instead of a dog?

Nelly said...

Tureys aren't as cuddly as dogs. But then when you get fed up with it you can eat it at Tanangsgiving.

Lost Identity said...

A grand idea. Turkey on the barbie under the trees! :-)

Nelly said...

I've just noticed the dreadful typos on my post. I hope no one thinks I've started drinking again!