Saturday, August 13, 2005

Why The Long Face?

A full week has passed without a drop of alcohol passing my lips. How's it been? OK really and I haven't had a craving since Tuesday. Tuesday? Anyone who is craving alcohol on a Tuesday has got a problem. Or is that my inner Presbyterian talking?

Upside of not drinking - should help with the fat arse issue.

Downside of not drinking - judging by four out of five of my most recent posts I seem to have become a bit sad and pensive.

Conclusion - I must have been drinking to forget my impending old age and death.


mquest said...

But, now you might live just a bit longer.

Anonymous said...

that hint of sadness in yr recent posts seems perfectly natural. If we were never sad then we would never appreciate what it means to be happy. it's jus when you forget what its like to be happy that its a problem.


Nelly said...

Heartening words from the pair of you.