Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Why Miss Nelly, You're Beautiful

Bert has got a nice line in compliments. Here are some typical examples.

One on my personal style:

Nelly: "You don't think this outfit is too boring and sensible do you?"

Bert: "Naw. You could never look boring. Not with that mad looking face."

On my efforts to lose weight:

"You know I think you are losing weight. Either your waist has got smaller or your arse and tits have got bigger."

This is my current favourite which was uttered earlier tonight.

"You are losing weight. But you're still a wee puddin'"


Lost Identity said...

a wee puddin? Does that sound cuter than it is becaue it's unfamiliar to me?

Lately it's been my husband complaining about his belly. Women fight it their whole lives. It sneaks up on the men and they don't have a lifetime of experience with it to make sense of it. When women are about to eat something that isn't a good choice, the thought runs through our head..."I shouldn't eat this. It's not helping me lose weight." On the other hand, when men are about to eat a similar item, they think "Mmmm. Food. Eat Food." It's not until their belt doesn't fit that they take note of what they may have eaten.

Nelly said...

Yeah 'wee puddin'' is cute. Especially when Bert says it. You know I'm more than 20lbs heavier than him and he's 10 inches taller than me. Upside is that at 6 years older I'm 6 years younger looking than he is. You know what they say - after 40 you choose between your ass or your face - but that's taking botox and lipo out of the equation. But I'd never go there. Too huge a commitment.

Anonymous said...

How sweet and romantic! He is a wee cutie.

love katkins