Tuesday, August 02, 2005


I am so tired this evening. I've spent nearly all day Helping The Aged. Three times I was in Boots in Antrim looking for Matty's tablets and once in the health centre and they were her Very Important Tablets too. But we got them in the end.

In among hands (whatever that means) I've been going to very many tile vending emporiums, picking floor tiles and asking for quotes. I never noticed before how many places sell tiles. Also very tiring.

When I got home I could only manage a 3.8 mile walk. For my dinner I had a baked potato, cheese , raw cabbage, raw onion and raw carrot. I was already farting before I'd finished (Hee hee. Shall I file under Too Much Information?)

Now I'm going to indulge myself in a hateful vice. Big Brother here I come.


Anonymous said...

I bet you are glad you watch BB - I think I never seen anything quite like it. I have just picked my jaw from the ground.


Anonymous said...



Danica said...

Howdy!Stopped by to make a note on your blog. I simply liked it..yeah....make a comment on my
postings too! I would appreciate it...Enjoy!

Nelly said...

Well! After the nominations I just sort of wandered in and out of the TV room. It was so cringey when Craig started to cry again. Then I caught Makosi giving Kinga a lecture about something and she was sniffling. Then at the very end I think something gross happened. I do hope Pearlie and Lizzie weren't watching.

To Danica - thanks for dropping by.
To Katkins - you forgot your granny's birthday.

Anonymous said...

I didn't forget, I am just very unorganised. Dad had to call me also to remind me to sort out his present. Is granny upset? I will send her a wee card or something this week.

I am not a bad grand-daughter everyone.

Katkins x

Nelly said...

Course she's not upset. All you have to do is phone her up for a chat (don't forget to speak LOUDLY) then she'll be going around telling anyone'll listen about how wonderful you are.

Anyway you know what a romantic she is. She thinks the reason you forgot is because you're so in lurve!

Anonymous said...

Eugene to win.

Nelly said...

I don't know if I can bear to watch it again after what I saw last night. Eugene may well win. He's the only one with any class about him.