Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pineapples for Pigs

Pineapples for pigs

Twice a week Rusty and Lily get a delivery of fruit and vegetables  from a local greengrocery. The food is slightly past its best but the pigs don't mind.  

Sitting politely and patiently

When they get something as delicious as a pineapple they are highly delighted. Apples, bananas, carrots, broccoli  or grapes can be eaten on the spot but a pineapple is a prize. It must be jealously guarded.

Hedge Hogs

As each pig receives its delectable treat they take it to a private scoffing booth, otherwise known as the hedge. Yum yum! Pig's bum!


Grannymar said...

Flavouring the pork on the hoof! You should patent that.

Nelly said...

Away on with you! Those pigs will never hit the plate.