Sunday, August 20, 2017

A Wee Catch-Up

Saturday - made a fire outside, drank gin and watched the shooting stars in the company of good friends.

Sunday - Forget. Maybe it was the gin. Oh yes, remember now. Took lots of photographs of butterflies.

Monday - Gardened. Sorted out books,

Tuesday - Took photographs of butterflies.

Wednesday - Went to a wedding.

Thursday - Spent the day with Martha and Evie. Visited by the Reed Sisters and all those bambinos. Introduced small child to The Quiet Cow.

Friday. Finally managed to get photograph of white butterfly.

Saturday - Gathered the last of the peaches. Spent the evening with Jazzer.

Sunday - Went to town and bought seeds and bulbs. Took photographs of butterflies. Picked fruit, planted wallflower, pricked out aqilegia and sowed dianthus. Talked to my sister on the phone and then to my pregnant daughter. Watched Ozark.


Mage said...

Wow...that was a very creative week.

Nelly said...

And that was only the half of it. It's great being a youngish retiree.