Thursday, August 31, 2017

Promise Promise Promise

Promise, promise, promise - I'm going to blog every day in September. And I'll also post a photograph which might have absolutely nothing to do with my blog post.

Blue skies this morning and the pollinators were out in force. The garden is nearly over but there is still a lot going on.

Best part of the day was hanging out with Miss Evie whilst waiting for Miss Martha to finish school.

We had a lot of callers today. The Wees (who are going to Vietnam soon) brought money plants, chillis and gem squash. We are taking them to the airport next week. The Banjos (who are going to Spain tomorrow) brought the makings of chilli-con-carne except for the chillis which won't be a problem. Thanks Wees. We will be looking after the Banjo dogs for a week and loose dog hair production at Nellyberts is forecast to increase by 33.33% over the next seven days. So glad we bought the GTech.

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