Monday, July 16, 2018

The Collapsed Sidalcea

The collapsed sidalcea this morning

Last night I set myself six tasks and today managed to tackle five of them. I sent James a birthday card. I was cutting it very fine as his birthday is in two days time so I used Moonpig. 

I didn't cut back the collapsed sidalcea. Instead, Bert and I gathered them all up and staked them. Too late, but better than never. They will probably fall again. Hey-ho... still a completed task.

I sowed rainbow beetroot. The red sort, the yellow sort and the white sort. I planted kohl rabi and cauliflower plugs and a well-grown chilli that was in a pot. Also planted a four-foot sunflower in the garden. Started digging the garlic and other tidying-up tasks in the polytunnel. There is still a lot of clearing to do there.

Here I am updating the blog so that gets a tick.

I did not wash any floors. 

However, we finally got round to contacting a monumental sculptor about adding Pearlie to the family gravestone. It is her anniversary on Friday. Four years now since she died. That one has been on the to-do list for months. 

Tomorrow I should like to

Finish harvesting the garlic

Sow more seeds

Arrange to have my hair cut

Contact the monumental sculptor again as my email keeps getting bounced back

Take a picture of the propped up sidalcea

Maybe mop some floors?


Mage said...

Can you just phone him?
What a busy been you have been lately. Bravo.

Nelly said...

I'll phone this morning Mage. I was emailing a photograph of the gravestone as it is now to save him a trip to the cemetery. But it was good to get the process started as Procrastination is my middle name.