Thursday, October 03, 2019

Reasons To Be Thankful, One, Two, Three


  • Met someone new with whom I think I might get on well.
  • Swisser visited and I made her a delicious vegetarian meal which we all enjoyed.
  • Really got into my Margaret Atwood book, The Stone Mattress.


  • A pleasant day. I worked in the garden and found a spot for half of my salvia patens 'Blue Angel' that I'd grown from seed.
  • I booked a ticket for a matinee at the Queen's Film Theatre next week.
  • Rusty wandered into the house which, for some reason, I found amusing. The dogs chased him out. Pigs not allowed. 


  • I enjoyed seeing the leaves begin to turn and made plans to go walking in the woods soon. With my camera of course.
  • I lit the first fire of the season in my private, secret sitting room.
  • Talked to Hannah, who scolded on the state of the world, then told me a true story about kindness which cheered us both.

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