Wednesday, March 18, 2020


It occurred to me this morning that if I should slip this mortal coil long before my time, that there are still quite a few items in my wardrobe that I have yet to try out. So, why not use this time of 'cocooning' or to put it another way, 'social isolation' to experiment with 'looks'. After all, who is even going to see me?

Take this skirt, which belonged at some point to someone from Bodenland - then they flogged it on eBay and yours truly paid good pension money for it. It's never had an airing.

I teamed it with a wee linen matchy cardi from Alex &Co and a Fatface teeshirt I usually wear in bed. Then cowboy boots (what! cowboy boots?), which are years old  and a scarf I bought on Rathlin Island, back in the days when you could go places.

When he saw me, Bert said,

Are you going out?

And I said,

What! Looking like this?

And he said,

I dunno. Looks good to me. Though maybe not the teeshirt.


To anyone who reads Nelly's Garden. Like everyone else, I'm stressed by what is going on. A bit scared too. But I'm not going to use this blog to dwell on it. Instead, it will be a bit of distraction for me and for you.

Keep yourself safe and others too.


Unknown said...

That wee skirt looks lovely Mary. Will have to get up to charity shops in B'mena a wee scoot, see what I cant get 😊

Cousin Martin said...

I agree with Bert and you know we both know our style.

Nelly said...

*Laughing* Thanks for comments. Always appreciated.

Susannah said...

Sounds good to me! We are thinking about how to share snippets of our life with family through videos. Our business is at home so other than band, pilates, friends and outings nothing has really changed. (just kidding, it's really something we are living through)

Nelly said...

Likewise. We are home birds too but we do get a lot of friends calling and are trying to discourage that for a time.