Monday, March 09, 2020

The Woman In The Mirror

I have a wardrobe crammed with clothes. Some new, some very old indeed, some unworn and some worn out. And yet...when it comes to it, I sometimes feel there is nothing I want to wear.

Home clothes are easy. They are comfortable, lots of layers, suitable for working in (pottering, really) inside or out. I find it harder to decide what to put on when I'm going out and seem to go to the same few items again and again while other garments hang neglected. I decided a few weeks ago that I am going to wear everything, even if it is only for the time it takes to photograph myself in the wardrobe mirror. This is where it started.

The wardrobe in these pictures is not where I keep my clothes for it is far too small. It does have a decent mirror and the light in that room is good. The yellow jumper outfit is going out (lunch with Jazzer) the other three are home clothes. I am wearing four items from eBay, one gift scarf (thanks, Kerry Sister) and three charity shop buys.

Pictures one and two are for another lunch with Jazzer. Three is home wear and four is trying out. Bert was disparaging about four. Said something sneery about kilts. That dress was £20 in a charity shop in Stoke Newington but when new would have cost more than £100.

I've yet to wear those wide-legged trousers out. Bargain in TK Maxx. I wore outfit 2 to the shops and 3 & 4 were for hanging at home.

More stay at home outfits. Number 2 was today's clothes. I might ragbag the shirt. I caught it on a nail and don't care for it enough to mend it.

Going by that selection my wardrobe is 42% new clothes, 18% from eBay, 36% charity shop and 3% gifted. Seems about right.


ganching said...

Wow that must have taken you ages. Some of these outfits are really good and you should wear the wide-legged trousers and never listen to Bert.

Nelly said...

The photos were taken over a two week period and it did take me ages to put the post together. Thanks, Gan. I'll rock those trousers in the Spring and I'll wear my Brora dress much more.

Dr Leitrim Sister said...

You look brilliant. Get those on instagram i can see you becoming social media influencer.

Nelly said...

I lol'ed at that. Mind you there might be a niche for a mid-sixties, wee dumpy. Maybe I'd get free clobber from Seasalt and Gudrun Sjoden.

Amanda said...

So interesting! Love this post.

Nelly said...

Thanks, Amanda.

London Sister said...

Some excellent looks there sis!