Sunday, March 08, 2020

Silly Spring

Merzy dotes and dozy dotes
And little cavvsy divy

A bird'll eat peanuts too,
Wouldn't you?

Dance like no one is watching
Play like no one is blogging

She said to him,
The Bann is great
It's not too late
To learn to swim

He said to her,
I would not dare
For I don't care
To wet my fur

What Chickens Think

There's a quare stretch in the evenings

It's nice to see a wee blink of sun

I wonder will the woman bring pizza again?

What Robins Think

Gardener - dig!

Any other robin comes near me I'll rip his head off!

Only 292 days to Christmas.


London Sister said...

Good to know what these creatures are thinking!!!

Susannah said...

I love this! I saw our first robin today. According to my garden notes, the first robin sighting in 2019 was 27 March in a snowstorm, 29 March in 2918, 16 March in 2017 (for what it is worth). I like to keep notes :)

Nelly said...

They always look lively when gardening season begins.