Thursday, March 10, 2005

Searching For Nelly

The majority of searches that end up here are looking for info on Nelly the singer. Other referrals from search engines to this blog have also included ‘Nelly's Tree Company’ I wonder if that one was really looking for one of Bert’s fine trees? Then there was someone looking for ‘Gardens in Ballymena for wedding photos to be taken’. Certainly. Come on down. We offer the keenest rates in the county. Someone searching from the BBC found me by keying in ‘st.patrick hobby/driving snakes’. But by far the most worrying was a Googler who turned me up by searching for ‘Nelly old men’ and in a continuation of this frightening trend some pervert on Technorati found me by keying in ‘granny sex photo’.


Anonymous said...

there are all kinds of crazies lurking out there in the internet. the granny one reminds me of little britain and it is very weird.


Nelly said...

At least it was only Technorati. You should see what Google turns up for those keywords. On second thoughts... don't!

Is your phone down? Tried to call you earlier.

Anonymous said...

apart from traybake my most common search is aitch v. haitch - oh and desperate whore.


Nelly said...

The mind does boggle at the idea of someone keying in desperate whore. Of course there could be an innocent explanation. What it would be I cannot imagine.

Bliss said...

I used to get the creepiest searches, but since switching to the new blog, I've been porn-search free!

Bliss (The Artist Formerly Known As 'LawyerGuy')

Nelly said...

Is that really you LG? Or some imposter? If it is you I'm thrilled to hear from you. Happeee St Patrick's Day! Yippeee! (mood swinging)