Thursday, March 31, 2005

Boiled Beetroot and Buttermilk

Pops was otherwise engaged when Matty and I went to visit him the other morning. So until he was ready we sat ourselves down for a chat with Francie.

Francie, you're looking well. How are things?

Och not too bad I suppose.

You've a bit of weight off you. Are you eating OK?

Aye, but the food's not great in here. It's not what I was used to eating.

So what did you eat before you came in then?

A big pot of Arran Victors boilt in their skin. And soup. That's what I ate.

But you get potatoes here.

Aye, but they're no good. They don't boil them in their skin and that's where all the goodness is. And you don't get enough of them. I used to eat eight or nine of them when I was in my own place.

What else did you like?

Beetroot. I don't know what they do with the beetroot in here. I don't think they boil it.

So you liked boiled beetroot then?

Aye. Boiled beetroot and buttermilk.

Poor man. No wonder he's failing. He's practically on the Atkins' diet.


Anonymous said...

Look forward to seeing you when we come over next month. Love you. K & M

Nelly said...

And I'm looking forward to that too.