Thursday, March 24, 2005

Guess What, Bert?

Hey, guess what Bert? Lawyer Guy has put links on his new blog and I'm on it!


On his last blog he didn't link to anyone but he wound that one up and now I'm linked to his new one.


That means I'll probably get lots more hits from America.


You don't know what I'm talking about, do you?

Not really.

Well - people with blogs link to other people with blogs and they all read each other, then other people start reading them, then...

It's not making you any money though is it?

Bert! Everything can't be about making money! If you go out there and watch a beautiful sunset God doesn't reach down to you and say "Hey! Thanks for watching the sunset. Here's a fiver."

Yeah, but it's a bit different watching a sunset and sitting at an ould computer.

But it's not just about sitting at a computer. It's interacting with real human beings and having a laugh and....


I need a laptop.


Anonymous said...

What? You mean that God doesn't give you money every time you watch a sunset? Meself, I only get £3.50, but maybe Bert is a bit more demanding of the Almighty...


Nelly said...

Have a wee read at what one of the God's best mates has been up to recently. Found it over at the First Daughter's blog.