Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Nivea or Ponds?

In Kill
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This afternoon Bert is mostly suffering from a huge angst attack over the corrugated appearance of his forehead.

"Never mind," says I. "There's always Botox."
"Then I'll have a big fat forehead!" he wailed.
"Don't worry," said I. "You still look like Chris Ecclestone to me."
"Humph!" says he. "I look more like Abe Simpson!"

That picture was taken about ten years ago and illustrates how the frowns and grimaces of yesterday are the deep lines and wrinkles of today. Be warned young fellas. And don't forget to moisturise.


Anonymous said...

See, even if you start out a jovial chap and end up a grump, you still get wrinkles. Although I say that I got weather lines, what with being on the bike at all time.

And for the record, Oil of Ulay used to be my makeup remover of choice. The Oracle bought me BlokeNiveaCream(tm), though I probably use it in a way it wasn't meant.

ps. Enjoying flickr?

Nelly said...

God this site is slooooow tonight. My mind is boggling at your misuse of BlokeNiveaCream(tm), greasing the pistons of your bike mayhap? Still enjoying Flickr but no sense or method to my uploading yet. In a very good mood tonight of which more later altho' I have been forbiddem to post the pix.

Mularky said...

Best to run a wee rub o wrens dung intil the furrows, parful smelly dung it is too, frae thon skittrey hures. Nae gid fur rinkles but it fair keeps ye chirpy lukkin. Gee birt me regards....Catch up we ye beath giy soon I hope, fir a gid big blither. Peace out anorramouse

Nelly said...

How many times would the wren need to go afore you'd have enough to make it worth your while? I always wondered how you kept so fresh looking.