Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Think Twice Before Eating Dumplings

When I wake up in the morning
I hop up right out of bed
Unless, of course, I am hung over
Then I pretend that I am dead

Loudon Wainwright III (Dump The Dog)

I like that title very much. I remember feeling like that – last Sunday morning I think it was.

Another of Loudon’s numbers that resonates with me at the moment is ‘The Acid Song’, which is, if you don’t know it, all about a bunch of folks, who are well old enough to know better, taking acid in a bar. It is obvious that Loudon knew what he was on about. Now it wasn’t acid that I ingested on Saturday but a natural herb that taken in quantity can have a hallucinogenic effect. It can also induce paranoia; and a deep, deep nausea. All in all a very unpleasant experience and one that you’d think a woman of my years would have grown out of long ago. I think I’ll take the advice Loudon offers at the end of The Acid Song’.

So the next time you wanna go out there.
When you feel like feeding your head
Think twice before dropping acid.
Hold out for mushrooms instead.


Anonymous said...

Hang on a minute...

natural herb... checkinduces paranoia... checkcan cause nausea... checkcan make you see things... checkNelly, you haven't gone and incriminated yourself here, have you?

Nelly said...

Nah. I'm just allergic to oregano.