Thursday, August 18, 2005

Things Pearlie Does Not Like. Part 1

N. "Do you fancy a nice bit of liver for your supper tonight?"

P. (making screwed up scunnered looking face.) "Och no. I wouldnae like that."

N. "And I thought you'd like a nice wee bit of lamb's liver."

P. "I dinny like lamb's liver. I only like pig's liver."

N. "Did I say lamb? I meant pig's liver."


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh! The Ballymena Women's Group. Many's the happy hour I spent in the bedroom while consciuosness was raised. xx

Nelly said...

Mick - you were a lot better off in the bedroom than the rest of us were in the living room.

All you have to do to see an up to date pic of the doc is google her real name followed by healing herb. Let me know if you think I too should be giving the healing herbs a go.