Thursday, June 08, 2006

London Bound

I'm off to London tomorrow and won't be back until Monday evening. Everybody enjoy your weekend! I hope I do too.

The scunging devil dogs are sooo excited as Bert is no good at minding them so they'll be looking forward to a mad weekend hunting rabbits on the Loan Hill.

They escaped today even though Rosie was tied. I was expecting the postman y'see. She took off with her new red lead trailing behind her. Pearlie thinks Paddy untied her.

No news on the chewed postman. Apparently nobody back at the sorting office cares about him. When he said to the rest of the fellows that he got bit on the Dreen Road they all knew straight away who was the bad bitch did the deed.

So Rosie got ye then?

According to what I'm told they've got a photograph up of Rosie in our section of the sorting office with a notice saying 'Beware of Rosie.'

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