Saturday, June 03, 2006

Help Me Please!

Enjoy Your Crack!

Dear Sir,

I am Mrs Nelly Moser an Irishwoman living in Ireland and I have a grat problem I hope you can help me with. I was out walking with my two dogs when the crabbit one of them started barking ferociusly The next thing I knew a man of very short statue jumped out of the hedge and hit her a rattle over the nose with a knobbly stick. He introduced himself as Aloysius O’Malley and said he came from the fairy people. He said that becase I was the ten millioneth person to walk along that path that I would receve a big pot of gold. He too k me to see the gold which was in a big cauldrom and he said it was worth ten million Euros. All this gold is for my own personal use.

My problem is that in this country we have an organisation called the Assets Recovery Agency which is very suspicius of people who get a lot of money with no good explaining of where they got it and are very suspicius think people got their money of selling drugs and thieving of the tax man and so on.

It is my strong belief that the Assets Recovery Agency will not beleve that I got this money fair & square of Mr Aloysius O’Malley and will take the whole caboose of of me which would be really unfair as the money is mine fair square.

I plead with you as a good honourable person fine & upstanding to help me in this matter. If you send me all your bank details telephone number and so on I will give you to keep for ever twenty percent of my fairy gold worth in excess of 2 million Euros and I look forward to hearing from you soonest!

May The Road Rise Up To Meet You On Your Way Back And Not Be An Earthquake!


Ronni said...

And, if you're buying that, I got some ocean-front property in Arizona...

ainelivia said...

They arrive on a daily basis via email, at least I get a good laugh.

And to Ronni above, is that Arid-zona by the sea? How much do you want for it?