Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Number of the Beast

I met Kerry Sister today for lunch in Ballymena and she was telling me about the things she and Matty have been talking about recently. They’d been having a conversation about men who wear beards and Noel Edmonds in particular. What Matty said about Noel Edmond’s beard was so dreadful and so funny that when Zoë bumped into us at Broadway I was laughing so hard I had to lean against the wall to support myself.  Mothers and daughters heh!  There is me not able to even hint at what Matty said about Noel Edmonds for fear of losing her sweet little old lady credibility forever and there’s Zoë having to suffer the sight of her mother laughing herself into near public incontinence.  

Here’s something else they discussed.

Matty: They don’t seem to bother so much with the telling the weans about the Devil in the schools these days.

Kerry Sister: No. They wouldn’t want to be putting the children off with all that scary talk about hell and the devil. That really scared me when I was young. I was terrified of the devil.

Matty: I must have been odd then for I wasn’t scared of the devil.

Kerry Sister: Weren’t you?

Matty: No. I was scared of God.

Kerry Sister: God? Why?

Matty: All those rules.


EveMaryBD said...

I go with Matty here - I've always been a bit more worried about that God fellow and sure I'm married to the Devil and he's harmless [Name: Damian, DOB: 260666, his bank account no. starts with..you've guessed it 666!]

Anonymous said...

Auntie T told me what Matty said - I am shocked and disgusted.

I was wondering why you were falling around laughing in the street!

Nelly said...

Eva - maybe you only think he's harmless. Isn't that one of his devil's tricks?

Zoe - I'll have to ask your Auntie T not to be telling me tales like that when we're out among folk.

Hageltoast said...

I'm dying to know what Matty said now!!!!
I wasn't scared of god or the devil, being a heathen, but thwe nuns at St Alberts (school for a couple of years) terrified me!!

Nelly said...

What Matty said cannot eneter the public domain. As for nuns - they are far more devilish than Lucifer himself!

Anonymous said...

I have seen films with nuns in them, and they don't look demonic, in fact, they all looked like they were having enormous fun. With each other. And funnily enough, not any of them was over the age of 27. Odd that.

Nelly said...

Pretend nuns I think Mr Bolan. Real nuns rarely have fun and if they do it usually involves flagellation.