Sunday, June 18, 2006

Poorly Again

I'm not feeling very well today. I've got an aching head and a queasy stomach. Every time I stand up I feel weak and dizzy.

But looking on the bright side Bert did pay me a lovely compliment and, as I may have mentioned before, Bert's compliments are as rare as hen's teeth.

He said, "I really admired you last night. You're brilliant at drinking gin!"


hootchinhannah said...

Good at drinking gin. Good at cooking dinner. Good at baking puddings. Bert's a fool not to marry you. He better watch out or Mr. Banjo will be wanting to marry you. And The Wee Manny will to seein as your good at drinking gin.

Nelly said...

One small snag - the Wee Manny and Banjo Man are already married!

Anonymous said...

it is a talent i admire in a women, bert's right to be complimenting you!!

mikey xx

hope your feeling nearly all better, matty too...shingles suck x