Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Wicked Bitch

It's a pity I didn't keep Rosie tied up. She has just bit the postman! Not too hard - just a nip on the ankle. But it tore his trousers and drew blood! Bert said he was 'nice' about it but he will report it and then we (and Rosie) are in trouble.

This has been a difficult few days of pet-keeping.

The dogs kept getting away. Bernie the bantie is clocking on a hidden clutch of sterile eggs and Harry de Cat pissed on Bert this morning. Now this. I'm really worried. We will be getting a visit from Nigel and we might get taken to court.

Actually if there is a prosecution it will be me as I am the licence holder. But I won't blame postie if he reports it as he is entitled to do his job without being harassed and bitten by dogs.

Why do dogs hate postmen so?


levee said...

Our dogs were always escaping too, including one spectacular rooftop escape (I won't get into that one now)!

My dogs make love, not war, so they both got knocked up supplying Mrs L and me with 11 pups! Read it and weep!

Hope all goes well with postie - perhaps a sweetener is in order?

Nelly said...

I did say to Bert 'you should have bunged him £50 to keep it to himself' but Bert's Scots-Irish and you know what they're like.

Sandra said...

Oh, the wee skitter! Maybe Postie will not make a big fuss about it?

Adam said...

Shouldn't kids be able to go to school without getting attacked too? My history teacher attacked a boy in my class today

Nelly said...

If Postie doesn't make a fuss he'll be getting an early Christmas tip.

Adam - did the history teacher bite your classmate?

Adam said...

No... more pulled him off his chair by his collar, the poor guy was holding on to the table and his friend for dear life

EveMaryBD said...

Last Week one of the many assorted "Postman Pats" who frequent Dunloy was greeted at our front door by a crazed 3 yr old - dressed only in a vest & BuzzLightYear wings demanding that 'Pat' "put down his weapon"!

Sure, I'd say that dogs, crazed kids etc are 'an occupational hazard' - so its up to Royal Mail to provide a safe working environment & that extends to the NellyBert homestead - it's a "Health & Safety Issue" - Teeth-Proof Socks should be standard uniform issue.

Anonymous said...

I've seen the letters sent by Royal Mail reporting dogs that bite postmen - Rosie will be okay.


Sandra said...

I didn't realise that teachers were allowed to batter wains any more. What was done to provoke such an outburst?

Anonymous said...

Rosie's Nursery Rhyme..

1 2 3 4 5
Once I caught Postie alive
6 7 8 9 10
Then I let him go again
Why did you let him go?
Because I bit his Ankle so..
Which Ankle did you bite?
The thick juicey one on the Right!

Ronan - aged 3

The Swearing Lady said...

Why did the dog bite the postman, though? If she's that territorial you might have a problem on your hands.

I speak from experience - my old dog nipped someone once and we got rid of her the next day (luckily we didn't have to put her to sleep, as we'd found a new, understanding home for her). A constantly agitated dog, like ours was, is impossible to keep happy.

Would you worry that it would happen again?

Nelly said...

It is a bit worrying. But she is usually very friendly with visitors. It might have been because he was a new postman. It is just postmen she hates. Everybody else is safe. But if she nips again we'll have to rethink the situation. Hope it doesn't come to that.

A colleague told me that her brother is a postman and that canine hatred of postmen is very, very common.

Anonymous said...

My westies just aparently nipped our post lady in our garden.I was in the garden at the time of the "bite" and postie didn't even yelp or tell me until 3 hours later when she saw a mark on her leg and came back and said "I think I've been bitten by your dog".We had our post stopped and the police round. I am getting sued privatly and taken to court.I have been charged with "being in charge of a dangerous dog in a public place". Even though it happened in my garden.I dont for one moment think my westie did it. She is the most placid dog who lets my 4 grandchildren do anything to her. The only thing I can think of is that as she jumped up to greet the postie her claws scratched her.The postie allways played with her and she gets excited when she see's postie.I now have to keep her locked in the house from 10am to 2pm. What a nightmare. posties obviosly doing it to get compensation. I wouldn't be supprised if she did it somewhere else. Does she realise what shes doing to me.I am worried sick.

Nelly said...

Anon - so sorry to hear about that. I should stick to your guns and insist that you don't believe your dogs did anything to your post-lady. As she is not marked or damaged she will have difficulty proving that anything happened to her. your dogs should have the run of their own garden. You could, if Royal Mail makes an issue of it, put a postbox at the gate. I hope it works out for you.

Anonymous said...

It got thrown out of court. Thank goodness. She is still sueing me tho for compensation. It has all been a put up job for money. All the heartache it's cost's disgusting.She is even still delivering my mail. Thanx for being there and listening to me.

Nelly said...

As the case has been thrown out of court I doubt your postie will have much success with the compensation claim.

It disgusts me the things that some people will do for money. I hope this works out OK for you in the end.