Friday, November 21, 2014

On Sisters

It is with a heavy heart that I pack my little case and head for County Leitrim to visit one of my multi-talented sisters. The reason? I've just read this. And there was no mention of me.

Sibling rivalry... it never dies.

I'm sure if she had racked her brains she'd have thought of something!

Most home-made wine in Cullybackey?
Best granny in the world?
Gets up 5 minutes earlier every day?
Awesome pastry?

Seriously though, I'm proud of them too.


Grannymar said...

Bring her a tart and a bottle of wine,then you are sure to top the list.

Mage said...

You are of very good value too.

Anonymous said...

London sister says - I am sure I can vouch for your suggestions 2,4 and 5!

Leitrim sister said...

having witnessed the awesomeness of your granny skills at the weekend I'd say you had a talent and a half there xxx

Nelly said...

The practical application of my awesome granny skills has left me totally exhausred. Don't know if I can manage to get up 5 minutes earlier tomorrow!

Brig said...

You are a shining example of grannyhood awesomeness...