Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday Woes

I notice that Ganching regularly posts on daily pluses and minuses so, as I have had a couple of days of minuses, I intend to borrow her idea at least once.


Bert broke my whizz mop. For those that do not know a whizz mop is the best way ever of mopping floors. Unfortunately, to allow them to be sold for an affordable sum, they are not as robust as they might be, I had an amazingly robust mop and bucket once. The only way it could be broken would be for a truck to run over it, or to be stamped upon by an elephant. The downside was you'd need muscles like Popeye to operate it and it slopped water all over the place.

I was eating a nice bit of crusty toast and raspberry jam and my dental plate broke. I got a temporary repair made but I'll need a new one. The new one will cost me the price of 14 whizz mops.

I put my Omron GoSmart pedometer in the washing machine. Fortunately it was a quick 30°C setting. I'm attempting to dry it out but if it doesn't work and I need a replacement and I don't win one on eBay that's near enough the price of one whizz mop.

And I have an eye infection. 


I also have gin!


Brig said...

Buck up babe, you have GIN! I aim to Buck up with Scotch & a C'gar!

Nelly said...

Sounds good. Tonight my eye
infection is far worse and I have no gin.

But I have antibiotics!

Grannymar said...

Take care. Sorry you have no gin, but then it is not a good mixer for antibiotics!

ganching said...

Hope your eye infection gets better soon. I probably stole the pluses and minuses from someone else although I have a self-imposed rule that every minus must be balanced by a plus.

Brig said...

Well hell, eye infections can be nasty. I had one last spring, eye doc gave me a teeny tiny sample & a script for same. Went to fill the script $235 for a .5ml bottle... Should I be shipping emergency gin your way?

Nelly said...

Wow! That is a huge amount of money. My 5ml bottle cost me nothing. We have universal free prescriptions here. Even when we paid it was only around £7. I'm off the gin until this gets better. As Grannymar says alcohol and antibiotics don,t mix.0o