Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Weekend Plans

Today I planted tulip bulbs. My sister said, is it not too late, will they grow? And I replied, they will have a better chance in the garden than in my kitchen drawer.

I'm in a reflective mood and am trying to get my life back on track, starting with getting up times. Since Pearlie died I had drifted into being a slug-a-bed and, at this time of the year when daylight hours are short, it makes sense to get up before nine. I do what I always do, set my alarm 5 minutes earlier every day. The hens are pleased.

I have also decided to eat less biscuits and take a daily walk.

In December I plan to blog every day so that my loyal readers can share in my Christmas planning. Prepare to be very impressed.*

This weekend I will be getting on a bus and travelling to Enniskillen and will be accompanied by two young girls aged 3 and 5. At Enniskillen we will be met by Leitrim Sister who will take us to her lovely home among the rushes. The older of the two girls wasn't going to go as she informed her mother that,

Teacher doesn't allow us to take holidays in term-time.

We explained that weekends don't count. Bert is not too heart-broken to be left by himself for two whole days.

*Impressed at my lackadaisical attitude.


Mage said...

I am always impressed. :)

Brig said...

I personally really like your lackadaisical attitude, being of the same bent, my ownself.
Safe journey.

Anonymous said...

Have a lovely time. The bus, if you are going from Belfast, is quite comfortable. Hope the girls enjoy it too. I"m sure LS will take you to the Shell cafe which sells the best Bakewell tart I have ever tasted.