Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December Daily Post, No 10

This will be a short post as my vision is still very blurry. I'm glad I can make it because this morning it would not have been possible. Yesterday Bert and I had a long, long day in the Royal Victoria Hospital.* Thanks to everyone who commented to wish me well and thanks too to my family who have been very supportive.

Preparations for Christmas? What do you think? Not a lot.

*Where there were a great number of people far worse off than me.

Back when I took them for granted


Leitrim Sister said...

Glad things are getting better for you and thank you for the laugh this afternoon xxx

Nelly said...

You;re very welcome.

Grannymar said...

I'm playing catch-up, I hope your eyes are improving. Try to rest them as much as possible. So what if you have no preparations made for Christmas. It is only one year and those that really care about you, will understand. Your sight is more important than cooking, baking, cleaning or shopping.

Nelly said...

Thanks GM. I am definitely taking your advice.

Brig said...

I hope you are getting better! This has to be way scary. As GM says, don't worry about Christmas, just get well.