Tuesday, December 02, 2014

December Daily Post, No. 2

I have been applying the antibiotic eye drops for 24 hours now and my eyes are still sore, red and gungey. I read on Mumsnet (it came up in a Google search) that the drops only shorten the duration of the condition by one day. And - the Wee Manny was here today and he said he'd had it for two weeks! But he smokes so that cannot help. Mind you I'm sitting in a room with an open fire and burning turf and bits of tree bark so I might as well be smoking. Did I mention that I can't see so if there are typos in this post forgive me.

Preparations for Christmas? I bought a present (online) for Miss Martha. It's a start.


Clairenewcastle said...

Hope you feel better soon and that the scent of peat and bark brings you some relief.

Grannymar said...

Take care and rest thoseeyes!

Nelly said...

I can barely see they're so bleary. Certainly cannot drive.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mary,

Try Isomar Ochhi, an Italian eyedrop with natural goodies in it or euphrasia the herb. Hope they help cause I like reading your blog now and then:)
Lotta love,

Zsuzsi from Hungary

Anonymous said...

the right spelling is Isomar Occhi:)) I'm not as good in Italian as in English:d

Nelly said...

Thank you Zsuzsi. I will note that for future reference. my eyes are still bad but this morning I am seeing an improvement. Long may it last and thanks for reading!