Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December Daily Post, No. 30

Any day that begins with eating Zoe's delicious Yule log for breakfast is going to be a messy, chaotic, action-packed 16 hours. And of course this all takes place without me actually leaving the house apart from a 20 minute pop to the shop to stock up on bread and milk and all the things that were going cheap after Christmas.

Today's visitors were Martha, Evie and their parents and their two dogs, then Billy and his two year old twins, next Peter and six year old Curtis, then Gareth and two pre-schoolers and Mr & Mrs The Wee Manny who were, I believe, hoping for a quiet half-hour before returning to their house of four dogs and three under-fives. The Wee was wearing a new red and green top, a navy pointed knitted hat and looked exactly like a retired elf. In the later part of the day we had Hannah and her friend who stayed for supper. The Misses Martha and Evie are staying the night so it will be full on for Nellybert until tomorrow's dark evening. Sure what else would we be at?

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