Thursday, September 13, 2018

Garden Centre

Today we went to The Range garden centre, where Evie wanted to have her photograph taken at all the stands.

 She insisted on two angles at this one.

 This, she said, was her favourite picture because it featured her favourite flower - the pansy.

We had an hour to use up before we picked up her sister. She asked, "Did you get the lion in the photo?"

And after all that, we only purchased two pot herbs and some lily bulbs. She wanted me to buy a fountain. There are about as many photographs of her standing beside the wide selection of fountains but I think that's enough garden centre for one day.

Oh well, maybe just the one then.


Brig said...

Such a beauty. She is growing up before our eyes.

Nelly said...

I know! There is a lovely man from the West Coast (I think) who is one of my photo-sharing friends on Flickr and when we first knew each other his son was a pre-schooler. Now that beautiful young man is a teenager and it has been a delight to see the photographs over the years.