Sunday, September 09, 2018

My Birthday Photograph

These pictures were taken on the eve of my sixty-fifth birthday. They had to be taken yesterday as Katy, my middle daughter, was heading back to deepest, darkest Norfolk earlier today with her family. Dave took the pictures with my camera and under my instruction which absolves him from any responsibility as to their overall quality. We did have a lovely day, an outing to the zoo (of which more on a later date) and a Indian food ordered in from the Khayber restaurant. We ate before six because that's what happens when there are small children.

So, sixty-five years old. No argument now - I am definitely an Elder of the Tribe. I get the all-Ireland free travel pass so might be off to Dublin soon. I won't wear those jeans I think. When I look down at my leg attire I always think it looks OK but photos tell a different tale, a tale of baggy denim.

 For fun, I chopped the other pictures into bits. James, my sole male descendant (so far) was very taken with Ziggy. Perhaps Ziggy was slightly less enthusiastic about James' attentions. Judy was the most patient of all our dogs with James which I think is because Martha was around when the Judester was a pup.

Martha, Zoe and the Queen of Dogs.

Evie just wanted to cuddle Emily. She has always loved babies.

Ziggy looks a little stand-offish in this one. No-one else seems to mind.

The house seems so quiet now that all my visitors have gone. But it was a super birthday and a wonderful four days with my Norfolk family. The next time I see James he'll be a seasoned pre-schooler and Emily will be completely mobile. In the meantime I have Mark's regular photographs and videos to look forward to. And perhaps get up to date with this facetime thing.


Clairenewcastle said...

Wishing you a very happy birthday!

Nelly said...

Thank you Claire! It was.

Andrea said...

Ah what a lovely family, Norfolk would seem like the other side of the world if it weren't for modern technology to keep in touch, my sister relies on daily "facetime" with her grandchildren in darkest Kent! Wishing you all good wishes on your birthday and enjoy the free transport You look amazing, baggy trouseres notwithstanding!

Nelly said...

Thank you, Andrea. I will have to get to grips with facetime. Mind you. Mark sent me some lovely pictures and videos today. The children are happy to be back in Norfolk. They are homebirds like their Granny!

amandagreenaus said...

Happy birthday! I love the small vignettes, like slices from a Dutch painting!

Nelly said...

Thanks, Ms Green!

Mage said...

Happ, happy birthday. You just missed mine. :)
And what a glorious family you have. Delightful.

Brig said...

Happy Birthday, enjoyed your pics of moments in time.