Tuesday, January 01, 2019

A Look Back At December

The brothers in St Comgall's graveyard, Antrim town. The youngest one (in blue) had been cleaning the parents grave so it would be nice for the New Year. That picture was taken on 29/12/18.

Vancouver Brother and I didn't do any of the work. The job was done by the time we arrived. So we took YB for a coffee at Tannaghmore Filling Station...

Eamon, Eamon and Joe

...on London Sister's orders. We picked up one of the neighbours on the way.

Eamon, Eamon and Joe when they were cubs.


Mage said...

Cute. Bet the grave was nice too.

Nelly said...

Aye, it was. Have to say, I like cemeteries. They ground you.