Sunday, January 27, 2019

Hurry Pooter

We had our pesky darlings for a sleepover on Friday. As ever, I was bowled over by their self-assurance. Martha just goes and picks up Bert's clarinet which he can be quite precious about. But, no worries. He just says.

Let me change the reed for you first.

And off she goes, playing away, proper tunes. Next night he says to me,

Let's get some new pads for my old clarinet, get it fixed up. Then Martha and I can play together.  

At bedtime, I read a chapter from their current favourite. Before we had a discussion about what Ginny is short for. I said Ginevra, Martha said Ginerva (rhymes with Minerva) and I said I wasn't too sure about that. I'm notorious for not getting the names right. Started with Hermione. I was stressing the 'o.n,e' instead of the 'm,i'. Both girls laughed at me. Then I said Beasley instead of Weasley. Corrected again. I took it in good part, said,

Sure, everyone knows I cannot pronounce anything right in those old Hurry Pooter books.

They got the joke.

By the way, I did get it right about Ginevra.


Mage said...

I remember mine, but I can't always spell them right. LOL

Nelly said...

Spelling is usually OK for me but I'm notorious for mispronunciation and hate being picked up on it.