Sunday, April 21, 2019

Snatched From The Jaws

It is a really lovely morning and I'm pottering around waiting for the first of the happy campers to emerge from the wood. All the doors are open to let fug out and Spring in. Then comes an odd noise from the kitchen. I investigate and there is Big Fat Fred with something tiny in his mouth. I think it might be a field mouse. He runs outside but I catch him and prise his jaws open. Out falls a little bird, a goldcrest. I assume it is dead. It's not. There is some movement. I bring it to Bert. He says leave it somewhere safe and see how it does. I find a box, place the goldcrest inside. Immediately it flies towards the window. I catch it and take the bird outside and place it in the rhododendron hedge. That's a good, safe place for little birds as it is too tangly for the fat cat to get into. The goldcrest looks a bit dishevelled and sits for a moment, then flies further into the hedge. I can still see it and fetch my camera to take a picture using a close up lens. Fifteen minutes later the bird is still there. After thirty minutes it has disappeared. Hopefully to live, fly and breed another day. And to stay out of the house. Cats live there!


Cathy said...

Don't you love those early warmish days when ycandice open doors and windows without freezing.
Poor little birdie - Sounds like Big Fat Fred is honing up his outdoor skills ready for 'the season'.
Hope you enjoyed your Easter Nelly

Nelly said...

Thanks Cathy. I think that bird might have made it. Fred only had him for a second or so.