Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Last Day Of April

So. Matty's eighth anniversary came and went and I was really miserable. It wasn't just the anniversary, it was remembering that I felt really old when she died and kind of grateful to have had a mother so long and now I am eight years older again and feel that I'm not doing anything particularly great with my life and not finding much joy in it.

And I'm cross. Oh, so cross. Everyone (nearly everyone) annoying me. Wondering why everyone (nearly everyone) is so stupid, so obtuse, so ignorant. The *nearly* is a get-out clause for anyone who has been in my vicinity recently. Of course, I'm not talking about you. Obviously. It's not you, it's me.

Guess I'm depressed. Again. I thought I was done with all that.

However. It's not going to last. I'm sure of it. I've got all kinds of special tools to deal with it thanks to a special someone. She'll know who she is.

Other news. Hannah has gone to Europe for a month, Ziggy left to Nellybert's tender care. I'm trying to arrange a trip to deepest, darkest Norfolk to see my Englander grandchildren. Bert has a significant birthday approaching which might allow him more affordable travelling. The hens are laying well and the Irelander grandchildren have been camping in the woods.

Every day in May I'm going to blog my blessings. It's a special tool.

Here's one for the last day of April. All about home.



Mage said...

Dear Cross...You live in such a beautiful space. Can we have a few photos of you? The kids are glorious...as are all those happy dogs. Will we be seeing the new kitchen one day?

Nelly said...

It is a beautiful space, one I am grateful for. The kitchen remains a work in progress. Just one tiny area of tiling to finish. we ran out of grout. Then painting, but that's another story...