Monday, April 15, 2019

The Lilac Dress

Yet another freezing day. Apparently, this blustery chill wind is coming from Scandinavia. It is to ease tomorrow. My Irish grandchildren arrived just after lunch for a sleepover that I had completely forgotten about. According to their mother, they were very excited and had been looking forward to it all morning. Yet the first thing they did when they got here was to have a big row about the contents of the dressing up box, in particular, a lilac taffeta dress and a toning lace trimmed shawl. Evie said never gets a chance to try the new items first. Delicate negotiations were carried out and Evie got her chance to wear the dress.

She looked very nice in it too but did not agree as Martha had told her it would look horrible on her so she wasn't so sure. Her red sequinned shoes (several sizes too big) don't appear in this picture as we got photo-bombed by Maya.

Here we can see the red shoes peeking out. Martha, ever the stylist, had informed Evie that they "wouldn't go."

An hour or so later and Martha was back in the favoured costume and Evie was happy in her hoodie and fluffy blanket. All are enjoying 'How To Tame Your Dragon'.


Cathy said...

Dressing up days - when as you found out - sisters are warriors with green eyes taunting each other! I'm sure you enjoyed the day with them no matter how much they bickered.

When I first saw the top photo ....Evie sitting so peacefully in the chair... I had another look....she reminded me of my Irish granny who would wrap herself up in a shawl, sit down just like that and close her eyes. Not having a snooze, just resting my eyes!
We were in awe of the fact she didn't have to lie down to sleep lol
Take care

Nelly said...

Thanks, Cathy. I'm still trying to work out how to deal with the rivalries between the girls. It was an enjoyable time. My favourite part is stories from real life which takes place after stories from books at bedtime. These have progressed from The Time Aunt Katy Nearly Drowned In The River After Falling From A Swing And Bert Rescued Her to The Time Mummy Got A Caution From The Police.