Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bluebell Madonna

Isn't it sweet that Geri Haliwell has chosen to name her baby daughter after a rare woodland flower and a mono-named female celebrity. I think this is a lovely idea and really hope that it sets a trend.

Here are some other endangered British wildflowers coupled with mono-named female celebs. So there you go expectant lassies - get choosing!

  • Stinky Goosefoot Cher

  • Welsh Mudwort Twiggy

  • Sticky Catchfly Jordan

  • Jersey Cudweed Pink

  • Bedstraw Broomrape Bjork

  • Field Wormwood Lulu


Anonymous said...

you could do something with Pink - I am too tired to think of a woodland flower but have sent you and email - London sister

The Swearing Lady said...

Could you please remove Bedstraw Broomrape Bjork? That's my daughter's name and I don't want you spoiling her uniqueness.

Nelly said...

Swearing Lady - do they say "I laughed my leg off" in Galway?

EveMaryBD said...

Loose strife Enya
Sneezewort Dido
are a couple of names doing the rounds at the Coombe and Holles Street!

Nelly said...

I like Sneezewort Dido. It's sure to catch on.

The Swearing Lady said...

We say, "I laughed my arse off". We go all the way in Galway. All the way... to the bottom (fnawr!)

The woman down the road has a son called Feckin' Dockleaves Bono, by the way.

Nelly said...

So he'd be a good lad to rub up against yourself if you're a poor starving nettle-stung African.