Friday, May 05, 2006

Chicken Rescue Update

I'm sure there must be many of you fretting about how our rescue chickens are getting along so I thought I'd provide a bit of an update for you.

Attracta: The one with no neck feathers. Attracta continues to do well. She lays an egg every other day and enjoys scraping and foraging for insects. She is the first one out of the hen house every morning. The piss-awful weather we've had this week has not deterred her from her adventures.

Dympna: The one with the sore arse. Dympna was bottom of the pecking order when she lived with Clint. Hence the sore arse. She chums with Attracta but has yet to lay an egg. Understandably.

Patsy: The one with the sore fut. Patsy is making slow but steady progress. In the past week she has ventured out a few times but continues to hover around the hen house door. She's a bit of a loner.

And what of Bernie the bantam? Pearlie the Pessimist thought that Bernie, because of her tiny size, would take a battering from the uncouth battery hens. How wrong she was! Bernie has proved to be a total targe and the boss of the hen house. And she has started laying eggs. Only about two a week but that's much better than none a year. She produced a double-yolker today. Go Bernie!

Meanwhile, down at Clint's place, Norris the Rooster is 'comfortable'. His appetite has improved a little but he still has a way to go.

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