Saturday, May 27, 2006

Bert Loves Kittens

Bert Loves Kittens
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Happy Birthday Bert! Do you realise you've been wearing that shirt for nearly 20 years now?

Bert's birthday is actually tomorrow but I'll be at work tomorrow and might not have internet access.

He's spending his birthday on Rathlin Island but he'll be home tomorrow night, as I will, and we'll toast his anniversary with Laphroaig. Thanks to Dee Mac.

Anyway here's hoping he'll have a better time on Rathlin than Dee Mac had the one and only time she went there. She was jeered, soaked, starved and sea-rescued. Bert says those islanders better wind their wrinkly, Rathlinny necks in!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Bert!

I hope there are no rabbits on Rathlin. Maybe some ill puffins?

Anonymous said...

Bird Flu Island I think you mean

Nelly said...

Oh no! Bird flu! Bert will be carrying it home to Bernie, Attracta, Patsy & Dympna.

Scooter Deb said...

Maybe he can give them Bert Flu in return... :)

Happy Birthday, Bert!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Bert,
Happy Birthday to Bert,
etc etc etc

And we all know that the Bird flu is stuck in the Orient. Manuel is keeping it away from these shores for us.

hootchinhannah said...

Happy Birthday Bertie Boy xxxx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bert!! enjoy the laphroig, that goes for you too nelly!

Mikey x

Sandra said...

Happy Birthday Bert!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bert.
Mick n Linda

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bert. Card is in the post caught up in bank holiday postage.

Love Katy

Sweary said...

There's a dood called "Bert The Shirt" in the Clarice Bean books. Not that that has owt to do with owt.

Salutations and jubilations, though. :)

Anonymous said...

Hope Bert didn't disturb on the wild life on Rathlin.

(Send me your email address as I think I have deleted most up-to-date one by mistake)