Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mrs Moser's A-Z

When class bloggers like Any Resemblance, Acid Man and Ed all do a meme the plebs just have to join in.
Accent: Think Ian Paisley vowels with a nice light Bernadette McAliskey lilt. Tell truth I’m a bit of a squeaker.
Booze: Nice glass of Merlot please. But according to Bert my friend Jazzer and myself are two women who shouldn’t be allowed to drink. I wonder why he said that?
Chore I hate: I had to rack my brains on this one. Then I realised I don’t do many chores I hate. I’m not too crazy about grocery shopping.
Dog or cat: Prefer dogs.
Essential electronics: Computer, fridge, washing machine, kettle.
Favourite Cologne: No
Gold or Silver: The only jewellery I wear is a white gold eternity ring.
Hometown: Tannaghmore. It’s a parish not a town.
Insomnia: Occasionally when I’m at work.
Job Title: Housing Support Worker.
Kids: Three daughters.
Living Arrangements: Bert and I, two dogs and a cat in a four bed roomed house in the country.
Most admirable traits: I asked Bert about this and he says I’m funny and kind to animals. I think I’m also kind to most human beings and Bert.
Not going to cop to: My deepest, darkest secret.
Overnight hospital stays: Kids all born in hospital. A few minor things but nothing for nearly 20 years.
Phobias: Slimy things especially slugs.
Quote: N-O spells I definitely don’t think so.
Religion: Catholic.
Siblings: Four sisters and two brothers. All younger than me.
Time I wake up: I used to get up earlier. If I’m not working first thing I usually get up around 8am.
Unusual talent or skill: Reading minds and foreseeing the future.
Vegetable I love: Spinach is a favourite but I love all vegetables.
Worst habit: Farting.
X-rays: My dentist has taken so many that I reckon he could identify my mouldering skeleton without even having to look up my records.
Yummy foods I make: I make good pastry.
Zodiac sign: Virgo.


Anonymous said...

I did it too! :D The entry

Nelly said...

So your blog is up and running. I can't believe you're scared of dogs. Did you have a traumatic early experience with a canine?

Anonymous said...

I haven't a clue! Must have been a cat in a past life or something :S