Monday, May 22, 2006

Shaggy Dog Story

On Saturday we found a poor abandoned collie tied with baler twine to a five-barred gate across from the bottom of our lane. We’re famous for taking in stray dogs so we thought we’d live up to our reputation and brought it up to the house. The poor thing didn’t seem to be used to houses and wouldn’t even take a drink of water from us. We decided to keep it until Monday morning and then phone the council dog warden. But what if nobody wanted it? We didn’t want or need another dog especially one that was so very plain looking.

I said,

Do we know anyone needs a dog?

Don’t think so.
Then he said,

Clint. Maybe Clint would take it. He has no dog at the minute. He said to me only the other day that he went for a walk through his fields and then got bored of it because he had no dog with him.
I went off to do something gardenish leaving Bert with the dog. When I came back in Bert and the dog were bonding and it was fawning around him and gazing at him lovingly.

He said,
I’m softening it up for Clint. I have him asked up for his tea to meet his new dog.

That’s a good idea. But we’ll make no mention of him taking it. Let him think it’s his own idea. Now if he’s coming for his tea I’ll need to make a dessert. That’ll certainly put him in a good mood.
So then I got busy with cauliflower cheese and apple sponge.

Clint turned up and ate a hearty meal. He was in great spirits and took a liking to the dog. I left the two men and the dogs to it and headed back out to Tannaghmore to visit with Matty and the London Sister. When I returned three hours later the first thing Bert said was,

Well the dog got a home.

So did Clint take her?

No. Clint was getting on great with her. Thinking up names and all. But her real owner turned up.

No! Who was it?

It was Farmer Willy Nameless. He landed on to the yard in a top range SUV, him and the wife both dressed to the nines. They were coming back from some band parade. Apparently the dog had followed them out of their yard and down the road and rather than going back with her they tied her to the gate.

What did he say?

Och nothing much. Just “Did you see our oul dog?” then he looked into the house and says “I see you have her in there.”

I’ll bet Paddy and Rosie weren’t sorry to see her go.

Paddy certainly wasn’t sorry. She took a flying lep at him and caught him by the ear and gave it a quare gurrying.

Poor Pads. Do you think Willy Nameless minded us having her?

No I don’t think so but I couldn’t help but say to Clint as he drove out of the yard, “The way he struts about there you wouldn't think he owes the both of us money. D’ye think it bothers him atall?” and Clint said, “Y’know I’m sure it doesn’t cost him a thought.”

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