Sunday, May 21, 2006

And The Whiners Are

This week’s Blog Awards from Cully are as follows  -

Best Fashion Writing  - Ed

Best Serial  - Magda by Ganching

Best Television Criticism – The Swearing Lady

Most True and Inspirational – Manuel Estimulo

Sadly Missed – Mr Bolan

All the winers (sic) have won beautiful clematis in a 3-litre deep pot supported on three canes, which may be collected in person from Dreen Nursery any time between 6pm-6.15pm on Monday 22nd May 2006.


Ronni said...

These are all great reads! Manuel's meme had me laughing out loud largely.

Anonymous said...

Magda'll be round to collect that wee plant this evening.

Anonymous said...

I am taking my own destiny in my hands, and my long-awaited (*cough*) return will be soon.

'tis nice to be missed, all the same.

And oh, the tales I have to tell.

Plus, I couldn't really pick up the prize myself, given the category, now could I?

(I would like to say I will be back bigger and better, but that would be a lie. It will just be me. Again.)

Nelly said...

I don't know what I'm going to do about Magda coming. She darsn't see me or God knows what she'll have to say about me. If she meets Bert all hell might break loose. But she could pick up Mr Bolan's clemmie for him. Then she'd have to go to Cambridge - and all hell will break loose.

Oh Ganching! Why have you unleashed this powerful dangerous hussy on us? And our innocent menfolk? And Mr Bolan?

Anonymous said...

I was planning to pick up the okant meself, but I fear for my safety if Magda turns up. So I'll have to pass.

Anonymous said...

I for one would love to meet Magda. Oh yes indeedy.

Of course, I shall be in the colonies at the end of July, and pick the clematis up then.

Anonymous said...


I fiddle more when I get home.

Nelly said...


Sweary said...

Is it too much trouble to ask that you change the clematis prize to a pot of gold? Much obliged.

Nelly said...

Now I know I'm a bit on the short side but I'm not a leprechaun. You're getting a honeysuckle as you don't know the difference anyway.