Saturday, May 06, 2006

He's That Rough

Nelly: How’s our Joe getting on with decorating your bedroom?

Matty: Och all right I suppose. But he’s that rough.

Nelly: Rough at the painting?

Matty: No. He’s good at that. He’s rough with my things.

Nelly: What do you mean?

Matty: Well when he took the old lampshade off he kicked it up the corridor and said, “You’ll not be putting that oul thing up again I hope.” And then when he took the bed head off it broke and he said, “What hell odds? Sure it’s damnable looking.”

Nelly: Oh.

Matty: Then he says he’s coming with me to pick the new carpet for God knows what I’ll come home with.

Nelly: You know what it is? He thinks that much of you he believes that only the best is good enough for you.


Ronni said...

Was the bed head really that bad?

Nelly said...

It was one of those padded velour things in dusky pink. My brother has no appreciation of kitsch.

Sandra said...

It's only when no-one understands you when you say, "What hell odds? Sure it's damnable looking!" that you really appreciate what a wonderful, expressive phrase it is. I am laughing fit to brust over here.

Nelly said...

Of course 'looking' should really be 'luckin'

Sandra said...

Oh, yes, I hadn't noticed. I have been away too long (but will be home on 2 July, whoohoo!)